Disabled Facilities Grant

What is a disabled facilities grant? DFG

A Disabled Facilities Grant is a capital grant that is paid from Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government (MHCLG) to local authorities in England. The grants offer financial support for people who need to make a large adaptation to their home so that they can continue living there.

What Adaptations Are Covered By The Grant?

Disabled Facilities Grant can be awarded for a wide range of adaptations including fitting stairlifts and hoists to allow access to multiple floors. Ramps and handrails inside and outside to improve access, the widening of doorframes, and more.

Who Is Eligible For A Grant?

You could be eligible to get a grant from your council if you, or someone living in your home is disabled or intends to live in the property during the grant period, and need to make changes inside the home. With the grant period usually lasting five years.

The grant is means-tested, meaning that the amount you get will depend on household income, and savings. Applicants must be aged 18 or older. Each local authority has its own policy for the means test, and we recommend contacting your local authority for more information.

What Happens Next?

The next step entirely depends on the nature of the work that is carried out and your council. Once funding has been approved, you will be paid either in instalments or in full once the work has finished. Furthermore, the council may pay the contractor directly, or give you a cheque to pass on to them. This will be agreed upon with the application approval. Additionally, you or the contractor will be paid once you and the council are happy with the finished work.

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Useful Information

We work with the following councils when it comes to Disabled Facilities Grants:


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