The Benefits of Having a Stairlift in Your Home

Everyone wants to be able to move freely in their home, but that isn’t always possible. Whether it’s through age or an injury, struggling to climb stairs can have a huge impact on how well you’re able to move around your home. Luckily, having a stairlift installed can help in a big way. At Derbyshire Mobility, we have a great deal of experience with stairlifts and we know just how much of a difference they can make. So, if you’re looking into having a stairlift installed in your home, we’re able to offer an unmatched service.

How a Stairlift Could Benefit You

Whether you’re looking to buy a stairlift for yourself or you’re researching on behalf of a loved one, you’ll be pleased to know that there are a lot of impressive benefits of having a stairlift installed in the home. A lot of people assume that stairlifts are merely there to aid someone in travelling up and down stairs, and though this is true, there are a number of other great reasons to consider one. For example:

  • Stairlifts can prevent accidents among those who struggle using the stairs. If you are elderly or unsteady on your feet, you may struggle to climb a lot of stairs and this can result in personal injury. With a stairlift, this worry is removed.
  • Stairlifts can give you a real sense of independence. Rather than relying on someone’s assistance when travelling up and down stairs, you can come and go as you please using the stairlift.
  • Stairlifts can help friends and family to relax, knowing you are able to move around your home with ease. There’s no need for anyone to worry about accidents and injuries, as the stairlift is always there to help.

Stairlifts at Derbyshire Mobility

There are two main types of stairlifts available; those that are curved, and those that are straight. At Derbyshire Mobility we offer both. This allows us to ensure we have the ideal stairlift for any type of home. The team at Derbyshire Mobility have had a lot of experience in installing and maintaining stairlifts. We fully understand the importance of a stairlift and the vital role in can play in the home, so we work hard to ensure we provide fantastic stairlifts and a professional service.

To find out more about stairlifts or any of our other services here at Derbyshire Mobility, get in touch. Contact us today on 01773 513 235 or get in touch online.

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