Why Should You Choose Reclining Furniture?

Everyone looks forward to relaxing in front of the television or chilling out with a good book at the end of a busy day, but what happens when your current furniture just isn’t offering the comfort you need? This is where reclining furniture comes in. At Derbyshire Mobility we have a lot of different homecare and healthcare furniture options, so you’re sure to find something that suits your needs perfectly. If you’re considering reclining furniture for your home, here’s what you need to know:

What Is Reclining Furniture?

Reclining furniture is a popular choice for a number of people, many of whom are older and require a little more support when they are seated. Recliner chairs come with different types of motor, there are those which recline backwards when they you sit down, whilst a footrest rises at the front to provide somewhere to rest your feet, this is a single motor chair, whereas a dual motor chair will operate the backrest and the footrest independently. Additionally, you can also go for a tilt-in-space option, which has postural benfits, as well as a reduction in sheer/friction. It can also aid pressure relief. In short, the aim is to create a place to sit that supports all parts of the body in a comfortable way.

The Benefits of Reclining Furniture

There are a number of impressive benefits that can be found by using reclining furniture, which is why reclining furniture is so popular. Whether you’re simply looking for a more comfortable way to relax at home or you need extra support, reclining furniture can help in a big way. Some of the benefits often associated with reclining furniture include:

  • Reducing joint pain, back aches and discomfort from arthritis.
  • Offering pressure relief using specialist seating.
  • Providing a more comfortable and supportive way of sitting.
  • Improving circulation by raising the feet and keeping blood flowing well.

As you can see, recliner chairs are much more than just a comfortable place to sit down and read a book. Whether you choose Cosi Chair, Repose or Rise and Recline you can look forward to truly enjoying the time you spend at home.

Reclining Furniture at Derbyshire Mobility

At Derbyshire Mobility, we stock a range of reclining furniture options and we work hard to ensure we’re able to offer our customers exactly what they need. Whether you’re interested in a recliner chair or a specific furniture brand, our professionals are on hand to help you find the ideal item.

To find out more about reclining furniture at Derbyshire Mobility or for more information on any of our chairs, get in touch. Contact Derbyshire Mobility today on 01773 513 235 or via the online contact form.

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