Domestic Home Lifts

Domestic home lifts, or lifestyle lifts, offer an alternative way of accessing the upper and lower floors around the home compared to stairlifts. This can be especially beneficial for homes with more than one floor.

By having a home lift fitted, users can move from story to story without dealing with the potential challenges posed by staircases.

Look Stylish Indoors With A Wessex

We offer a variety of domestic home and through the floor lift options from British company Wessex Lifts.

Designed and manufactured in the town of Romsey, Hampshire, Wessex Lifts have been active for over 40 years and claim a rich British Heritage Of Excellence.

What Home Lift Will Be Right For Me?

The Wessex home lifts are designed specifically for houses. They bridge the gap between the convenience of a stairlift and the functionality of a home passenger lift.

The range of lifts provide popular choices for healthcare professionals, such as Occupational Therapists and carers.

Additionally, the lifts can be installed for people who want to future-proof their own home.

What Lifts Are Available?

The Wessex VM

The VM is Wessex’s most popular through the floor lift, with over 10,000 units installed in the UK alone.

Featuring a half-height door, an open car design and easy to use illuminated controls. The VM is designed to accommodate wheelchair users and seated passengers.

The Wessex VE

The VE builds upon what the VM offers, with the additional functionality of being able to carry multiple passengers in an enclosed car design.

Travel In Luxury And Style With The Wessex Elesse

A luxurious and quality lift, The Elesse is designed to be as comfortable, safe, and easy for the user to use as possible.

Furthermore, the Elesse can hold up to a 250kg (39 stone) weight limit.

With it’s space conscious design, the Elesse’s footprint is only 0.9 square meters. This means that minimal building work is required for installation. In addition, the lift’s free-standing tracks eliminate the need for a load-bearing wall, offering a wider choice of lift locations.

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