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Stairlift Installation – FAQs

Installing a Stair lift isn’t always a conversation people like to have, but the benefits truly are positive. From the elderly, to the terminally ill and the disabled, stair lifts can have an incredibly uplifting impact on individual lives. Often, the installation of a stair lift allows families to stay in their homes without needing to undergo the stresses or costs of moving to a bungalow, or vice versa, it offers a wider range of new potential homes.

If you’re thinking of having a new stairlift fitted but are hesitating due to doubts or questions, here are some common misconceptions put right.

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Is your staircase too narrow?

One of the most common causes for hesitation when contemplating a stair lift is the narrowness of the stair case, especially in the case of a bend or curve. One of the most important measurements when considering this is actually the length of which the rider’s knee will protrude during the ascent. Obviously in order to make the journey as comfortable as possible we want to avoid any contact with the opposing wall or banister. The easiest way for you to be sure that we at Derby Mobility can install a stair lift perfect for you is calling for ahome assessment, which we can undertake free of charge.

Is your wall strong enough for a chair lift?

This is another very common misconception, as more commonly the weight of the stair lift is distributed entirely across the staircase itself, rather than the wall upon which it ascends. During you’re free home visit, our surveyor will be able to answer any queries you may have on the readiness of your staircase for a lift. But if you’re worried about a plasterboard wall then worry no more, our stair lifts will be fitted directly to the treads on your staircase.

Will it be too expensive?

Although previously stair lifts were a large expense, they are much more economical now. It’s extremely difficult to predict how much your stair lift may cost as we design each lift specifically for the stairway in which it will operate. However, lifts can be installed from £1395, and there is always the option of finance with Derbyshire Mobility.

Will it work during a Power cut?

Whereas previously a stair lift relied completely on the electricity mains, nowadays a stair lift actually runs of rechargeable batteries, which are charged by the mains. Therefore if the power does cut off, your chair will continue to run for a couple of days as the batteries run independently of the mains. As soon as the power returns, the batteries will recharge.

We understand installing a stair lift is big commitment, but here at Derbyshire Mobility we believe the positive effect it can have on your life is worth every penny. If you have any other queries or concerns, please feel free to give us a call on 01773 513 235, or contact us via our website by clicking here.

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