Straight Stairlifts from Derbyshire Mobility

Straight stairlifts offer a simple solution for ascending stairs with great ease.

Assessing and fitting a straight stairlift is a simple and friendly process and we regularly fit lifts from Access BDD (pictured), Handicare, and Brooks. This means that we are able to meet your needs in form, functionality and additional extras.

All new straight stairlifts from Derbyshire Mobility are supplied by leading UK and European manufacturers, and use the most up to date technology and safety features in the industry.

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If you’re considering a straight, or curved stairlift, get in touch with one of our team to arrange a free home assessment, or visit our showrooms to see a demonstration.

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Home Assessment

We will need to see your staircase to ensure there are no hidden surprises before installation. We measure the staircase top to bottom, seek out the closest power supply and then give you an accurate quote.

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You’re Mobile Again

Once the work has been done, our engineers will set up, configure, and go through the necessary usage and safety procedures for your stairlift. You can ascend and descend the stairs as many times as you like!

Additional Options

Powered options can include hinges, slide tracks, powered swivel seats, powered footrests, and seat lifts. All of these vary from model to model, but it is something we will discuss with you upon visiting your home.

As many staircases are very different from one another, all of our prices are quoted on the application.

Turn at the top?

When you reach the top of the stairlift track you will finish level with the nose of the top step, and you will need to rotate the seat to face the landing in order to safely dismount the stairlift.

All lifts are fitted with a manual swivel, however, these are not ideal if you struggle with your upper body strength. There is always the option to add a powered swivel, this makes rotating the seat easier, and getting off the stairlift a lot safer than manual means.

Powered Footrest

Bending over can be difficult, which can make putting the footrest down a bit of a challenge.

Our stairlifts can be supplied with a powered footrest which means the footplate will drop down at the push of a button. This allows you plenty of room to get on the stairlift, and then drop the footrest when you are comfortably seated – giving the optimum position when traveling on the stairlift.

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