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Mobility Scheme In Derbyshire

Derbyshire Mobility are an accepted and approved Motability Partner.

The Motability scheme enables disabled people to exchange their mobility allowance for cars, mobility scooters, and from 2010; Powered Wheelchairs.

The scheme was set up by Lord Goodman and Lord Sterling of Plaistow back in 1977. The aim of the Motability scheme is to help disabled people and their families with personal mobility. The registered national charity, Motability, oversees the scheme, which is delivered by Motability Operations.

Since 1978, the Motability scheme has delivered mobility access to over four million customers across the UK. Their affordable packages have helped to keep thousands of people moving, to enjoy their freedom and independence.

How Does The Motability Scheme Work?

The scheme works for users who receive a qualifying mobility allowance, such as Higher Rate PIP, or DLA, and with at least 12 months left. More information can be found on the Motability Allowances And Rates Page here.

What Is Included In The Motability Scheme?

There are a range of Mobility Scooters and Powered Wheelchairs available on Motability through Derbyshire Mobility. This is all dependent on the user, as different vehicles suit different people. Our team can help Motability applicants decide on the right vehicle type, along with any adaptations needed.

Mobility Scooters are designed for different uses, from boot and pavement scooters, to larger mobility scooters. Whereas, powerchairs are designed to give users their independence back.

Find the right vehicle for you with Motability’s Find A Vehicle Tool.

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