We Now Supply Active User Chairs In Derbyshire!

Active User Chairs in Derbyshire

We are happy to announce that we stock Active User Chairs in Derbyshire!

Derbyshire Mobility has a fantastic working relationship with chair suppliers such as Invacare and Sunrise Medical and our specialists are able to offer advice and answer any questions.

However, not everyone knows where to start their journey with active user chairs. What is an active chair and are there any differences compared to a standard manual wheelchair? What kind of chairs are out there? And how can I get one?

What Are Active User Chairs?

Active User Chairs are bespoke, personal, made to measure wheelchairs. They are designed for people with an active, on-the-go lifestyle and are recommended for users with good upper body strength.

A defining feature of these chairs is that they have a smaller, more compact frame compared to standard manual wheelchairs. Active User Chairs have lightweight frames and are available in rigid, or folding varieties. Many of these chairs are made using aluminium, or carbon fibre, which when compared to steel, is stronger and more resistant to oxidisation. However, these features make the chair more expensive.

Typically, the rear wheels on active wheelchairs are bigger than a standard manual wheelchair. This makes it easier for the user to reach the wheels and propel themselves forward.

What Chairs Are Out There

Active user chairs have a range of customisation options including different sizes, colour combinations, and power pack add-ons. These bespoke options make them more suited to the user, mechanically and visually. Additionally, Sunrise Medical have their own online configurator for their Nitrum chair. The configurator gives a clearer picture of the chair’s aesthetics to the user.

How Can I Get An Active User Chair?

Users must be assessed beforehand by a professional for every detail, from seat and cushion height to the ideal wheels and optional extras. This process normally takes around two hours to complete.

Is There Anywhere That I Can Try Out Active User Chairs In Derbyshire?

Fortunately, we stock a few active user chair models in our Matlock shop and we also have our own in-house chair and seating specialist; Craig. Craig has many years of experience in the mobility industry and is a fountain of knowledge when it comes to all things chair-related. He is qualified to assess users and even does home visits!

Craig tends to be a busy guy from day to day, so get in touch in advance to book an appointment.

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