Q700 M

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This eye-catching chair boasts superb outdoor performance, incredible handling, and tons of style. The Q700 M provides ultimate powerchair performance – and looks good doing it!


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Mid-Wheel Powered Wheelchair


Battery Size60 Ah / 80 Ah (optional)
Seat Width400-560mm
Seat Height430-480mm
Seat Depth400-560mm
Overall Width620mm
Overall Length1070mm
Speed6-8kph (standard), 10-13kph (optional)
Turning Circle1000mm
Max. Safe Slope10°
Max. Kerb Climb100mm
ElectronicsR-Net controller; lights & indicators
Min. Wheelchair Weight160kg (with 60 Ah batteries)
Max. User Weight160kg (25.2 stone)
ColoursWhite, red, blue, green, orange, black

The pinnacle of mid-wheel drive

With an advanced performance base, the Q700 M is the the perfect partner for testing terrain – providing the most comfortable, responsive ride to date. Staying in? Make yourself at home with its superior indoor manoeuvrabilty and intuitive driving making navigating those tight, compact spaces effortless.

Turning on its own axis, enjoy intuitive driving and excellent manoeuvrability in tight compact spaces with its narrow (620 mm) base and a 1260 mm turning circle. Also, easily sit under tables and access Wheelchair Adaptive Vehicles (WAVs) with a low seat height from just 445 mm.

The optional Gyro-Tracking System automatically detects and corrects the smallest deviation from your direction. By providing a pin-point accurate drive, it’ll reduce the number of physical or cognitive actions required to keep your electric wheelchair on-track – making for a less-demanding drive (especially when using special controls).

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Elevate and drive with C-Me

No more waiting around, or driving at reduced speed when lifted – now you can keep up with friends and rise up to stand out from the crowd with C-ME.

Elevate up to 300 mm and travel at speeds of up to 5 kph. You can also lift or descend at the touch of a button with no need to stop whilst transitioning. Just rise-up and go at the same time!

The Power to Take You Anywhere

Enjoy power and speed at your fingertips with the 4-pole high torque motors. Choose from 6 or 8 kph as standard, or upgrade to 10 or 13 kph (low torque) for the ultimate performance. Plus, with a choice of 60 Ah or 80 Ah batteries, you can maximise your range of up to 25 miles (40 km) and experience outdoor performance like never before!

For maximum control, the Q700 M boasts advanced controller technology. Available with the superior R-Net advanced joystick as standard, the large, easy-to-read HD display and simple to control paddle switches allow for intuitive operation.

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